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Type is Alive
Type is Alive

Type is Alive!

Fonts or


We use them everyday!

Writing, texting, memes...


'The Art Critic'  by Raoul Hausmann, 1919–20
'The Art Critic' by Raoul Hausmann, 1919–20
Collage as a starting point

'The Art Critic' by Raoul Hausmann


Collage allows the opening up of conscious, which is very direct…its also a way of looking at what you are consuming all the time

John Stezaker


Frottage techniques
Frottage techniques
Creating impressions
Creating impressions
Mapping our areas
Mapping our areas

Rubbings aka frottage

a technique used to record our surroundings:

  • Comes from the French word, “frotter”, meaning, “to rub”.

  • Take inspiration from your surroundings

  • Surrealist 'automatic' method of creating an image

  • Use this technique to explore georgraphy and local history in a creative way!


A monoprint is a one off impression created with a printing "plate". A printing can be anything from glass, copper to a laminated page!

Rolling ink
Collage to monoprint

Artist references

DIY Publishing

An art book is a museum without walls - Andre Malraux

Make your own book!

Follow Baboró online step-by-step guide to making your own book!


"Homelands " - Family workshop at National Gallery of Ireland


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