trying to pull myself away

During the summer of 2015, across ten days, the city centres of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main presented 50 large billboards as canvases for selected international artworks.

By taking the works out of the 'white cube' OFFM Public Art Panels created platforms to bring art into everyday life and broaden artistic awareness. Temporarily, the cityscape of Frankfurt and Offenbach became host to an artistic dialogue, providing a space for young artists as well as already established ones to exhibit their works. The aim of this intervention was to present artworks which stand alone and function individually, while creating new contexts as well as generating a dialogue with their immediate environment of the Rhein-Main region. 

Trying to Pull Myself Away was selected by OFFM Public Art Panels curators and was presented in Offenbach.

Opening of OFFM Public Art Panels at Freitagsküche

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Trying to Pull Myself Away

You Have Got my Bone, Old Foyles Bookshop, Charring Cross road, London 

Curated by Esoteric art collective 

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