Artist Educator

Puppet workshop (Zoom) | May 2020

Saint Laurence National School, Chapelizod (Dublin 15)

Creative Ireland

I delivered two remote workshops for primary pupils, juniors (ages 5-8) and seniors (9-12). Each workshop focused on practical skills in pupptry as a starting-point in a series of remote lessons on Script-Writing, Stage Construction etc culminating in the pupils performing their own Puppet Shows.

My workshops focused on creating a variety of paper puppets each with different possibilities for movement i.e. finger, hand etc. We also looked at character development informed by this movement in order to aid their theatrical narrative. Above is a still from one of the Puppet Shows using paper hand puppets.  

Artist Educator

Homelands: zine making workshop | September 2019

National Gallery of Ireland

A two-hour workshop aimed at opening the door to creative DIY publishing for children. During the session we explored feelings around landscapes, homsteads, communal and public spaces through self-publsihing, bookbinding, printmaking and collage, discussion and shared experiences.

Participants took inspiration from National Gallery of Ireland's permanent painting collection and created their own homelands in a pamphlet style A3 books and flag books as shown in the image above.

Artist Facilitator 

Toddler Take Over | May 2019

Early Childhood Creativity Ltd and Draíocht Arts Centre

Over 3 days, with a combination of book-in and free drop-in events, and an addition Sensory Toddler Day, children were invited to explore sound, movement and tactility. Draíocht arts centre transformed it's building into an immersive space for adventure through story, visual arts, music, circus and dance for young children creating artworks, theatre and games together.

Creative Coordinator 

Clay Club with Ben Owens | Feb - July 2018 

Mildmay Care Home & Cubitt Artists Ltd 

From February to June of 2018 I coordinated weekly sessions in Mildmay Care Home in Islington. Acting as a liaison between artist Ben Owens, the residents and staff of Mildmay and Cubbit's education department, I support inclusive and creative clay workshops for over 60 residents aged 68 - 92. The workshops aimed at reducing isolation through meaningful engagement and participation.  

Their artworks were then documented by Ben Owens and displayed as a video at Islington town hall as part of Cubitt's annual summer ball in July.

Artist Facilitator  

THIS Education Programme | 2015 - 2018 

Tottenham Hale Boys Brigade 

Monthly workshops for young people at Tottenham Boys Briggade and The Engine Room. We focused primarily on collage, printmaking, animation and film. Sometimes inviting artists and practitioners to Tottenham to present their practice and share new skills with the young people. 

Film and Art Practitioner 

National Citizens Service "The Challenge" | June - Aug 2017 

North and East London community groups

During the summer of 2017 I facilitated multiple intergenerational projects between young people aged 15 – 18 and older people aged 65 and over. All projects involved social action and art-making with care home users in North East London. I devised inclusive and engaging curriculum aimed at developing their social entrepreneurial skills and artistic skills.

Leading two visits, with each group, to a local care homes the young people used their new creative skills to interact with elderly service users. The project connected elderly service users with a younger audience and help the young people see clearly how important arts and engagement are for elderly people in their community to combat prejudice, social isolation and loneliness. 

The art-making ended up playing a minor role to the larger narrative of young people engendering and co-developing social actions to support the needs of the respective care homes and both their staff and users. 

Guest Lecturer

CaW research | 2014 - 2018 

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UAL

Cultures of Resilience was a UAL research inititiative 

investigating narratives, values and ideas around resilisence. Myself and 8 other graduates explored how fine art practice could be a form of resilience. Our research outputs included seminars, performances, workshops, exhibtions, conferences and publications. The project was UAL wide and included many opportunities for exchange and collaboration on how to improve the resilience of the socio-technical systems which we researched.

Community Art Exhibition 

Spring Salon | March 2017 

Cubitt Artists Ltd

An exhibtion of artworks by participants and educators from Cubitt Education's 2017 community arts programmes.

On display was a short film and monoprints made during my time working with the young artists from Institute of Anything.

Artist Facilitator  

Futurians | September - November 2015

Emerson Valley Primary School & Milton Keynes Art Centre

Supporting year 5 students at Emerson Valley primary school, ages 9 -10, to develop a portraiture project titled “Futurians”.

I co-developed a curriculum with Milton Keynes Art Centre and delivered

it during weekly sessions conducted during school hours whilst classroom teachers were given CPD. The outcomes were exhibited in the gallery and presented to the student, their families and the general public.

Artist Facilitator  

ATM Crime Prevention | September - October 2014

Design Against Crimes Research Centre, UAL

Working on behalf of Design Against Crimes, in collaboration with RBS, Natwest and Camden Council, myself and two other CSM students delivered weekly sessions to local sixth formers at Regents High School. The project was to develop artworks aimed at reducing ATM crimes. By generating behaviourial changes through design. Students embeded perspective drawing and were able to create intervensions which helped deter ATM crime, at a unit cost substantially lower than crime prevention services typically delivered by ATM centred measures and technologies.

This project was installed in 6 sites at ATM's across Camden and Westminister. 

Curatorial Assistant

KX Archive Project | September 2012 - July 2013

Central Saint Martins Museum and Study Collection

During my Diploma in Professional development I set out to create the foundations of an archive focusing on recording the impact of Central Saint Martins move to Kings Cross (often referred to as KX). The project was in response to the archive's mapping the move archive created prior to relocation.

KX Archive Project manifested as both an online and physical archive and exhibition. I curated three exhibitions of staff and student contributions across 8 weeks at the Lethaby Gallery. During my time at CSM Museum and Study Collection I worked with the teaching collection and presented the archive to the public and internally to promote the project.

Artist Educator

Catching Shadows | December 2019 

National Gallery of Ireland

In conjuction with National Gallery of Ireland's exhibition Moment in Time I ran a two-hour workshop exploring cameraless photography techniques for children under 5 and their families. During the session we looked at the history of photography, with a particular focus on female artists in the Moment in Time exhibit and how we might take inspiration from them to make our own cameraless portraits.

We asked ourself can an absence of light be as revealing as light itself? Participants created their own cameraless portraits using OHP's and card to cast shadows of their silhouettes.

Artist Educator

Animating Dublin: Optical illusions | June 2019

National Gallery of Ireland

In conjunction with National Gallery of Ireland's Shaping Ireland exhibition I ran a two-hour workshop exploring Dublin's changing landscape. We explored changes in economic, social and architectural aspects of Dublin's landscape. Participants responded by creating their own Thaumatrope animations. A Victorian optical illusion game using 2 frames. We used a piece of card and some rubber bands, as seen in the gif above to make our own thaumatrope's of Dublin. 

Artist Facilitator 

Children's Festival at Farmleigh | April 2019 

Early Childhood Creativity Ltd 

Over the easter weekend a team of artists delivered drop-in art workshops to over 2,000 members of the public. The aim of the workshops was to stimulate and support the naturally creative, poetic, philosophical and curious intelligences of the young child, mainly through immersive installation, sculpture, drawing and storytelling.

I ran a badge making stall and a finger puppet stall, whilst lending a hand in the easter egg hunt and various games available across the site.

Artist Facilitator  

Tottenham Hale International Studios| Education Programme | 2017 - 2018 

Ermine Road Community Hub

I delivered weekly workshops for adults with learning difficulties at

Ermine Road Community Hub a day centre supporting adults with

Learning Disabilities, Complex Needs and Autism. The projects were participants led sessions exploring sculputre, printmaking, drawing

and music. 

These sessions were supported by the wonderful Arts coordinator at

Ermine Road who graciously opened the doors to THIS studio artists.

Artist Facilitator  

Teachers Art Session: Monoprinting | April 2018 

Cubitt Artists Ltd 

A one day workshop using a variety of techniques to create monoprints. This workshop was a continued professional development opportunity for primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and technicians in Islington schools to meet and skill share. 

Guest Workshop Leader

Creative Youth Club | 2016 - 2017 

I supported weekly after school clubs for a group of 15 young girls aged 11 - 16. The projects were in a fun and informal atmosphere encouraging young people to channel their own creativity, try new techniques and make a good mess. Activities varied from spray-painting to sculpture, puppetry to prosthetics, costume design to claymation. 

Art & Photography Technician

Central Foundation Boys School | April 2016 - April 2018

Working with ages 12 - 18

I supported in classroom learning, developed after school clubs, developed photography ciriculum and student participation in art awards through community arts projects working with external partners: Cubitt Artists Ltd., Barbican, Wellcome Collection and Hoxton Hall. 

Artist Facilitator 

Peripheral Impressions | November 2016 

Institute of Anything (ages 13 - 19),Cubitt Artists Ltd.

A one day workshop using a variety of media to create impressions of our surroundings as we walked around the Kings Cross development, responding to London's architecture and the changes to London's privately owned public spaces.

Techniques include rubbings, walking, photography, collage, monoprinting and layering these techniques to develop our overall impressions. The young people had the opportunity to share their monoprints in an exhibition at Cubitt's annual Spring Salon. 

Project Assistant 

Longing Disco created by artist Nick Fox | September 2012 - September 2015

As a production assistant I was responsible for all administration

and events management including correspondence with the venues; volunteers; press, marketing and audience engagement. 

The disco took places at three UK venues:

The Photographers Gallery, London

Transition Gallery, London

Vane Gallery, Newcastle 

Panel Speaker 

Opportunity Makers, Opportunity Takers | November 2015 

A​ntiuniversity Now Festival 

A day long group discussion between five spaces and projects about diy*, gender and feminist politics in their self organised groups. Organised by Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jefferis and hosted by Althea Greenan at the Women’s Art Library

Further details can be found here.

*do it yourself, do it with other, do it anyway.

Public Art

Camera Observer, Tower Obscura | March 2011

AiR Studio

In colaboration with Archway Investigations and Responses [AiR Studio] students at of Byam Shaw (now CSM) explored the notion of staying* as a method of art practice. The physical, social, economic, political, historical, and mythical of Archway provided raw material for real-time dialogues, exchanges, experiments, and interventions. Myself and fellow XD pathway students offered camera obscura demonstrations on Archway's pavements, in locals shops, cafes, pubs, parks, and alleyways.

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