TYVM (Thank You Very Much) penultimate event in their Summer Residency Reel Meal

at the secret garden of David Dale Gallery and Studios, Glasgow. 


~ ~


The Secret Garden became an open air cinema and cafe with delicious treats by MalaCarne, ceramic plates made by artist Joanne Dawson, and furniture and tableware designed and made specifically for the event by Simon Worthington and Florence Dwyer.


On the big screen will be a selection of films by artists from across Europe. The films will play on a loop throughout the evening starting from 7pm.


Films by ~


Aymeric Tarrade

Bryony Hussey

Ceel Mogami de Haas

Chloé Delarue

Christopher MacInnes

Hazel Brill

Henry Coombes

Lauren Huret

Manon Vila

Sophie Rogers

Tiphanie Kim Mall


~ ~


Photo credits: Hannah Reynolds

Terrain Biennial, Peoria, IL

October - November 2017

Curated by Project 1612



12øcollective project space, Stoke Newington

4th preview night

5th- 14th August 2016, by appointment only


Culmination of 3OWORKS3ODAYS 2016



Thirty.works is online collaboration between 12ø Collective and Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun

3OWORKS3ODAYS is a month long project for artists, where they are required to submit a new piece of work which is made within 24 hours, every day for the month of April.

This year 170 artists took part in the project and 91 of them completed all 30 days. The 30/30 exhibition will include a work from each artist who completed the challenge.

The project was open to anyone working in any medium. The purpose of this exercise is to encourage making and experimentation, to test what you may think you already know about your practice. With the restriction of one day you may find that the choices you make, the corners you cut and those ideas that you couldn’t quite realise, are just as telling as the work that you produce. Participants were encouraged to be as lazy or ambitious, as devious or honest as they liked, it’s ultimately about dedication to your practice. You can’t win you can only choose to win.

Eviction: an exhibition at ULU

Carpet beating, DV video, 1minute

Install view of projection screen and exhibition in ULU canteen as part of a demonstration and occupation by CSM gradutes organised in reponse to the privatization of University of London Student Union on Malet street. The occupation took the form of an exhibit and gig held in the SU

29th - 31st July 2014


BIG SPACE exhibition, Central Saint Martins,

Feb 2014

Wobbly de/re install, split screen HD video, 2minutes looped, install view

Maidestone Fringe Festival in association with Stepping Stone studios, April -May 2014

Group exhibition featuring Market scenes (install view) taken from series of works made on Erasmus in Romania 2013

Artists included: Ana Gold, Amber Hanson Rowe, Eva Duerden and Jacob Watmore

© Bryony Hussey 2019

Temporalities, Lethaby Gallery, London

February - March 2018


Curated by Susan Trangmar (Reader Fine Art) and Steven Ball (Research Fellow Fine Art) 

Cubitt Education's Spring Salon 2017

March 2017

Cubitt Gallery, London



Photo credits: Rob Harris


Mixed Feelings has taken the form of a dinner, a screening, a conversation, an exhibition and in 2017 as another exhibtion and possibly a publication.


The curatorial collective Anorak including Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert and Florian Model proposed a project, Mixed Feelings, which is centred around daily experiences and routines as ways of relating to a shared social sphere—the everyday as an atmosphere was the starting point of this project. The various formats of diseminating ideas were conceived together to create different spaces as territories for sincere and mutal exhchange.



The group exhibition documented above included Gerald Domenig, Lily Randall and myself but through talks, screenings etc the conversation of Mixed Feelings has also included Mike Sperlinger, Alkisti Efthymiou and hopefully many more.

The exhibition was hosted and curated by Anorak, in collaboration with Palermo Galerie and Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.


Opening: 7th October, 7pm at Palermo Galerie

Exhibition continued: 8th October–25th December 2016

Palermo Galerie

Olgastr. 82

70182 Stuttgart


The exhibition and graphic design was created by Stuttgart based design collective HuM.


Norwegian slow TV

Toilet Residency, London

July 2016


One day residency at curator Sophie Chapman's home 

Peripheral Slowness

Screening and Conversation at Palermo Gallerie, Stuttgart (2nd Oct '16)



"When you catch the light in the hall with the corner of your eye, through that top bit of the window above the door. You know that top bit? By the time you register what it is it's gone."



Screening and presentation of her thoughts on “peripheral slowness”; a view on the relationship between ideas of the peripheral, duration, the incidental, the uncanny, unfolding, and slowness, both on-screen and off. The discussion revolved around our experiential encounters and how they shape the image-world through the mechanisms of contructed slowness.


The presentation touched on the works of the 20th century French filmmaker Jaques Tati and the Norwegian slow TV movement of the early 2000's, while revisiting the 18th century concept of the flâneur.

Opportunity Makers, Opportunity Takers

Saturday 21st November 2015, 12 - 3pm

Womens Art Library, Goldsmiths, SE 14 6NW


BOOK HERE (limited places)


Someone wise once said there are two types of people in the world, opportunity makers and opportunity takers. This quote was used to frame discussions between five self-initiated projects, spaces and groups who will share the narratives of their creation thus far and collectively reflect on what role gender and feminist politics may play in their motivations, aims and processes.


CaW // Cheap Drinks // KINGDOM // Ladette Space // Nice Gallery // Rosalie Schweiker // Womens Art Library




Collaboration with curator Jeff Ko as part of ProjectPlatform

April 2016




Peripheral on display at Big Screen Southend (outside Focal Point Gallery)


 X 308: Space, Site and Screen, 9 Feb – 8 March 2016

Alongside artists John Lawrence and Yuri Pattison


Cascading Relevant Information, December 2015

CBS Gallery residency at Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

Group show featuring work from 84 artists 


An exhibition of printed material from over 60 artists, will act as physical research into how the photographic image plays an increasingly central role in the production and dissemination of artworks.


All works will be printed in the gallery using the MX-2600N printer, installed alongside others and reorganised over the duration of the exhibition.


OFFM Public Art Panels 2015

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

30th June - 9th July 2015

Q-Art Annual Exhibition 2014

Apt Gallery, Deptford

11th - 14th Dec 2014

Mantel Piece

Elevator Gallery's annual exhibition'The Tomorrow People'

Presented as part of the 2014 edition of Hackney WickED Festival

1st - 31st Aug 2014


Central Saint Martins Degree Show 2014,

23 - 27 May 2014


Exhibited works:

Mantel Piece,

Daily Happenstance

over the (shoulder) 


Open studios pt.1, Central Saint Martins, Feb 2014

Studio installation, split screen DV and HD, 30minute loop install view


Open studios pt. 2, Central Saint Martins, April 2014

Infinite Memo book, 1:30 minute, install view