Prevailing Wind

During my residency at Bradley University in Peoria I was invited to participate in the 2017 edition of Terrain Biennial at Project 1612.


I developed a research project, Prevailing Winds, during my time at Bradley University and presented it in progress as part of Terrain Biennial on a sun porch in Peoria, IL.


The series on the table in the photographs above consist of lino printed on fax paper; drawings; a handprinted stencil screen print on canvas; etchings; a zinc etching plate with small concrete works; two folded newsprint folios and a letterpress printed poem book.


All of these works come under the umbrella series, Prevailing Winds.


The last image above is a close up of the handmade paper cover of the filofax poem book.


Enlarged and divided 35mm photograph hung upside down from the ceiling.

Conor Sheilds performance occuring in background and spray painted towel and concrete works on the sofa in the forground.

Disturbance Patterns,

Digitally printed flag, hanging from the awning.

Collaborative piece made with James Hatton.


This flag consists of a scanned image with a typewritten poem across the surface of the skin, rescanned and reproduced as a printed fabric piece.


The text reads:


I am constantly sketching

the disturbance pattern

the wind draws on the

back of my hands as I walk.



Ryan Paluczak, Organ Drones on Infinite Frequency, sound installation in the garage

Conor Sheilds, Immune System Response Ritual performance, in the back yard

Gina Hunt, Refractor, sculpture in the front yard

About Terrain Biennial:


Terrain biennial was founded in 2011 by Sabina Ott’s and author John Paulett, repurposes private spaces such as front yards, porches, or windows, turning them into public spaces in order to foster dialogue between neighbours and provide opportunities for artists and viewers alike to experience new perspectives.

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