Peripheral Slowness

Peripheral Slowness


—a screening and conversation with Bryony Hussey

on Sunday 2nd October

at Palermo Galerie


"When you catch the light in the hall with the corner of your eye, through that top bit of the window above the door. You know that top bit? By the time you register what it is it's gone".


Bryony Hussey's practice is concerned with peripheral moments that surround and punctuate one's everyday life. Bryony's screening showcased her work Mantel Piece alongside a presentation of her thoughts on “peripheral slowness”; a view on the relationship between ideas of the peripheral, duration, the incidental, the uncanny, unfolding, and slowness, both on-screen and off. The discussion will revolve around the way in which our experiential encounters shape the image-world through the various mechanisms of slowness. In framing her work amongst these wider contextual and historical issues and thoughts, Bryony touched on the works of the 20th century French filmmaker Jaques Tati and the Norwegian slow TV movement of the early 2000's, while revisiting the 18th century concept of the flâneur.




I was invited to present a video work to screen as part of the Mixed Feelings programme. Peripheral Slowness consisted of a short essay written in conjunction with a reconstructed video interwining Mantel Piece, Tati films, Norweign Slow TV and related journalistic footage.



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